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Start Capitalizing On The Power of AI

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FrIEND, I see you...

Staring at that blank page or screen every day, getting all stressed out and anxious.

Feeling frustrated because you know you need content to grow your biz, but you just can't seem to make it happen.

I've been there, babes. I remember those days of wanting to just curl up in a ball and hide from my calendar because I couldn't keep up with all the content I needed to create.

Social media captions, email sequences, downloadable PDFs, graphics, guides...it never ended! And trying to keep it all straight?

Chile please. It was traumatic!

Struggling with CHALLENGES like...


No clarity on who your audience really is and what they need


Too many ideas but no focus on what converts


Getting overwhelmed and avoiding content creation altogether


No time or budget to learn complicated tech tools


Feeling alone and like you'll never catch up

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But after years of struggles, trials and errors, learning all kinds of AI tools -

I finally cracked the code.

I took all those learnings and created 90 Day Digital Roadmap For Overwhelmed “Non Techies” just for digital creative babes like you and me.

It gives you absolutely everything you need to consistently create content that wows your audience, saving you time, without the overwhelm and trauma - using AI tools.


The 12 Week AI 101 Roadmap

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📝 Expert Prompts

From blog posts to sales emails, even a content calendar—we gotchu.

🛠️ Vetted AI Tools

We've tried 'em, we love 'em—now they're yours to explore.

🔄 Regularly Updated

Never miss out—stay in the know with the latest in AI.

📌 Hosted on Notion

Your guide's just a click away—no downloads, no fuss.

Just imagine what it'll feel like 3 months from now...

when you've broken free from content overwhelm.



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To map out and create 12 weeks of fresh content in minutes. No more blank pages!


Of our fave content marketing & AI tools. We've tried 'em, we love 'em—now they're yours to explore.


Keep your content organized with your very own Content Hub.


Inside you’ll get:The Non-Techies Guide to AI: How To Use AI for Content Marketing

HI! I’m Banks A’Millie!

Your Virtual Homegirl

Hey y'all, I'm Banks A'Millie, your Virtual Homegirl and AI Bestie!

I make AI and ChatGPT easy-peasy for creators and biz builders looking to level up their content marketing.

No drama, all gems, and vibes.

Roll with me and let's AI a GROOVE!


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